Short Sale Ebook

Real Estate Short Sale Ebook

Imagine Being Able To Buy Or Sell Houses For Any Price You Want. Learn Short Sale Secrets That Will Help You Absolutley Crush Your Competition. Learn Skills From An Expert Short Sale Negotiator That Can Double Your Income And Make You Rich

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From the desk of: Jonathan Christopher

Hi, Jon here-
I am going to explain to you in detail how I make an average of $10,000 per real estate short sale deal. I work part time from home at my convenience and you can too. After you read my short sale ebook you will not only know how to find homeowners who are in need of your help, you will have the documents and the confidence to get started immediately.
Let’s face it. Times are tough right now for agents and real estate investors. You have probably seen many of your colleagues go out of business (I know I have) because the real estate market is down. You don’t have to suffer the same fate and you won’t if you take the time to learn real estate short sales.
You can dominate this niche market is helping investors and real estate agents thrive because of the endless supply of homeowners who need your help. Not only is this market exploding right now, which is offering huge profits for those who know, but you will genuinely be helping a homeowner out of a tough situation. What could be better?
Those of you who hesitate because you are afraid to take the lead and learn something new are missing out. You can be on top of your market and be the person thriving, just take control now.
Short sales are easy not hard or time consuming. They require no money, no credit and no mortgages. They can yield huge profits for you if you take the time to learn.
So…what are you waiting for? Get started!

Our Real Estate Short Sale Ebook Instruction Manual Gives You Step By Step Instructions, Tips and Flow Of Contact Charts For The Beginner And Professional

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“I’ve not only been able to stay in business in this down market, but my business has exploded thanks to learning how to short sale … Your short sale ebook left no question in my mind about where and how to start.”

– Elisia Tyson, Real Estate Agent and Investor

I now work part time from home and make more money than I did at my last full time job. Learning short sales helped me create a new and extremely lucrative career.

Real Estate Investor -Josh Mulhoney

“Other agents are throwing away listings that have no equity. Since learning how to short sale I have captured a market that my competitors don’t know about and I have almost doubled my income.

Real Estate Agent -Tracy Goodman

“I tried selling my house with a realtor but because the value went down I had no equity and was unable to pay out of pocket, after learning how to do a short sale I discounted my loan and sold the house before the foreclosure auction.

Homeowner – Alan Frazier

I was skeptical and I didn’t believe a mortgage company would actually take less than what was owed on a property until I discounted my first deal by $70,000 and flipped the contract quick for $10,000

Real Estate Investor – John Krazinski

It’s true. You can learn how to invest in real estate with no money down by learning short sales. You don’t need any credit, any money, or any previous experience. Discounting mortgages can be done from the comfort of your own home, part time and you can make more money than you ever have before. This short sale ebook will show you how.
You will get all the forms and documents that I use and there will be no question in your mind about how and where to start. It’s everything you need to know to start short selling real estate from start to finish. And it is 100% Guaranteed or your money back. You will understand how to create big equity deals from leads your competition can’t close. You will learn how to make tons of money and help people who are need, what could be better?


Learn how to turn $10 into $10,000 and make a six figure income working part time from home without ever getting a mortgage. By the time you are finished reading this short sale ebook you will know the best way to find short sale prospects, how to pre qualify them and secrets to get your short sale approved first.

Real Estate Agents

Never turn away another no equity listing, specialize in short sales and do what other agents can’t do. How many times have you had a buyer contact you with little to no equity and you tell them you can’t help them? Do you know about short sales but have no idea how to correctly execute them? This short sale ebook will show you how to get 300% more listings because your colleagues don’t know how to short sale and you do. While others are fighting to stay alive in this market your business will thrive!


Learn how you can avoid foreclosure by negotiating a short sale and sell your house even if you have no equity. You can get your bank to let you pay back less than what you borrowed and they will be happy to get it. Don’t let an unqualified person negotiate a short sale and do it incorrectly, learn yourself and make sure it is done right. I know the secrets to negotiating successfully and they are all in this short sale ebook.

You will learn:

  • Step by step how to do a short sale
  • Where to find motivated home sellers with little or no equity
  • Why a lender will gladly accept less money
  • How to make money from short sales without ever taking out a loan

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Hi, I’m Jonathan Christopher. I am not going to annoy you by having some video pop up that shouts at you and tells you how much of a loser you are. I am just going to tell it like it is. I use these techniques for short selling real estate everyday and I work part time from home at my convenience.

Short sales are easy. Anybody can do it. Buy this ebook, get inspired and get started today.

I have trained some of the most recognizable names in home buying and real estate sales in the country and now I am going to train you. You can help prevent foreclosure and make lots of money in the process.

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Due to the massive wave of foreclosure filings in the current real estate market there is a huge opportunity for savvy investors and agents to make money learning short sales. Because so many homeowners in foreclosure are those who have little or no equity, short sales are becoming increasingly popular.

A short sale enables a real estate agent or investor to create equity where there isn’t enough to get a deal done. This is done by finding a motivated home owner in need of assistance to prevent foreclosure and negotiating with their mortgage company to take less than what is owed. Many times these discounts are tens of thousands of dollars and even hundreds of thousands! You too can be a part of the fastest growing real estate buying and selling method.

You will be able to create thousands of dollars in equity by just negotiating over the phone. You need no sales experience, special skills or negotiating mastery. You just need to be able to talk on the phone and take the initiative that others don’t. Many of your colleagues are walking by thousands of dollars in potential equity everyday and you are going to learn how to take full advantage of the opportunities right in front of you. So get started now, our short sale ebook gives you all the tools!

Real Estate Short Sale Ebook Instruction Manual and Training Guide copyright 2008 Jonathan Christopher